Research: Literacy in Math

Article: Reading in the Mathematics Classroom looks at ways to incorporate literacy activities and steps into the math lesson. This article looks at different models in which this can be done.

Example: Strategic Reading

  1. Preview (Title & Pictures)
  2. Read through, paraphrasing
  3. Application


This Article: Making mathematics meaningful in multicultural contexts aims to present teaching math in a culturally relevant lens. This meaning that in order to engage students in math learning, the way the subject matter is presented, must relate to their day to day lives and the things they see and experience in their surroundings. This then allows students to mentally move from “what they know to what they do not know”, therefore connecting their experiences to math concepts.


In 10 ways Literacy can Promote a Deeper Understanding of math, it presents a list of 10 activities and ideas to use in the classroom when teaching math. Some of these ideas are, teaching students how to take notes (key concepts, formulas, and steps for solving problems). Also, using exit slips, where at the end of the lesson, students write down the answer to specific concepts or ideas they should have a good grasp of by the end of the class.

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