Literacy Activities for Sports & Math


Where to find activities

  1. PE Central: This website focuses on taking Physical Education into varying school disciplines/subjects such as reading and writing, as well as other subjects.
  2. Scholastic-Sports Themed Learning: This website provides activities and lesson plans that can be incorporated into Sports education through different subjects.

Example Activities

  1. Word Out : Grades  2-4 activity where students select a slip of paper identifying and activity or movement they should do. The goal of the game is to get as many words in the bucket as possible.
  2. Find the Rhyme: Grades K-2 activity for students to practice rhyming words. This activity is set up in the gym and the goal is to get students to do a loco-motor skill while searching for the rhyming words on the cones.


Where to find activities:

  1. Read.Write.Think: This website has many different activities, one being using literacy in math education for grades K-6.

Example Activities:

  1. Solving the Math Curse: This is a grade 3-5 activity that focuses on reading math word problems and then presenting it to their peers. As well as writing their own word problems and presenting it to each other.

Lesson Plan Template: This lesson plan template is useful for creating lesson plans and activity ideas in sports and math education in relation to literacy.

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